Investigative nutrition journalism popular with children debating GMOs on TV (Video)

USA Pro Challenge nutrition expert Allen Lim: Athletes need real food

Campaign is founded on the belief that we have the Right to Know whats in our food, helping to create mass awareness about the risks of GMOs and to push for their mandatory labeling. Funds received will help with the expenses of printing, videos, touring and GMO awareness, for better health and to help save the environment. Also see the October 18, 2013 news release, ” Genetically Modfied Organisms (GMO) need to be assessed through systematic networks .” Investigative food journalism is becoming a popular form of science writing For example, Yale researchers report they may have found a key molecular messenger that links the stomach-to-brain reward circuits and signals the brain it has sufficient calories, according to an August 15, 2013 news release by Bill Hathaway, ” Messenger between gut and brain linked to eating behavior .” Mice placed on a high-fat diet have a deficiency of dopamine, a key neurotransmitter involved in activating reward centers of the brain. This suggests that mice and humans may overeat in an attempt to restore dopamine release to normal levels.
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“Really listen to your body. Find a way to eat if you’re hungry, get yourself something to drink if you’re thirsty, ride within your limits.” Follow your gut, literally, in terms of food preferences. Start with what you like to eat, and go from there. If there are foods you don’t like or ingredients that upset your stomach in a race, avoid them.
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Television Personality Jerry Gialanella Partners with Swole(r) Sports Nutrition on His 200 Pound Weight Loss Journey

Bryan and I had kept in touch and as our friendship grew, the thought of us partnering together became a better idea and an even better reality. Now, we have major plans for the future and I am excited for whats coming next. Jerry Gialanella When looking for the next major area to focus on, we knew that obesity is an issue that affects millions of people worldwide. When we met Jerry, we were immediately impressed by his journey and even more so by his determination and desire to help others. As our relationship grew, we realized that together, we can make a significant impact on a major level by developing awareness campaigns as well as products specifically designed to help others in Jerrys situation. Swole Sports Nutrition Swole Sports Nutrition is a rapidly expanding sports nutrition and supplement company that has quickly become one of the most exciting brands on the market. With multiple product lines supported by both National and International distribution, their strategy has been to develop products that can deliver the high quality results that athletes need, but are formulated for use by a broad spectrum of people, regardless of training level or experience.
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‘Social Nutrition’ Diet may be Best Hangover Cure, Says Expert

Doctors Bring Woman Back from the Dead

Nova Nutrition’s managing director Catherine Sissons said the concept was a result of her experience in nutrition, sports science and hospitality, and seeing drinking culture in full swing, Fairfax News reported. She said the secret was to treat your body like an athlete preparing for an event, by helping out the metabolism and digestive system. Sissons said alcohol and caffeine caused dehydration, so on a day of drinking alcohol it was good to eat foods with a high water content, like fruit and vegetables. For example, tomatoes, broccoli and beetroot have high water content and antioxidants and other vitamins which can help the body prepare for the stresses alcohol places on the system. Sissons said the body could also be helped after drinking.
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